Evil Eye Large Beads Prayer Tasbeeh

33 beads

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Do dhikr of Almighty Allah on beautiful Tasbeeh Masbaha Prayer beads and keep track of dhikr count. These prayer beads Tasbeeh or worry beads have small contouring that can easily glide with a finger for smooth counting. Our online jewelry store in Pakistan has brought this beautiful tasbeeh for Muslims to the place for jewelry shopping online in Pakistan. Its ornamenting beads, contoured blue hamsa, and beautiful design turn it into a beautiful tasbeeh counter for every Muslim. You can buy it by gaining our service for online artificial jewellery shopping in Pakistan, and we will ensure its delivery to your place within the given delivery period.

  • It is a 33-bead bracelet tasbeeh, made with evil-eye-designed worry beads.
  • It is designed and crafted by Egyptian Muslims.
  • All small contoured beads are strongly held in a string that makes them durable for daily dhikr count.
  • You will find it with different names, such as Misbaha, Tasbih, Tespih, Sabha, etc., in different languages.
  • It will be a beautiful present for a Muslim on any Islamic occasion, such as Haj, Umrah, Ramadan, Eid, etc.
  • The length of the tasbeeh is 13.5 inches, and the beads size of 10mm x 8mm.

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