Steel Piercing Nose Ring for Women - 8 Pcs

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Nose Ring enhances women’s beauty, so our online jewelry store in Pakistan has brought the option of a fake nose ring for women. This fake nose piercing allows young women to enhance their glamour for any specific occasion by simply wearing the fake nose ring. It is available here for jewelry shopping online in Pakistan, so it is super easy to get a delicate nose piercing for piercing lovers. The best thing about this fake piercing is that you can wear it on the nose, ear, and even lips to create a fashionable look as per your taste. Our services of online artificial jewellery shopping in Pakistan make you get the beautiful fake nose ring at the best price.

  • The nose hoop is made of 316 surgical-grade stainless steel makes it safe to use on any type of skin.
  • It has a beautifully polished surface, which enhances its sparking beauty on the nose.
  • The high-quality electroplating ensures the durability of its color and shine for a longer time.
  • It has a seamless hinged clicker that can easily clasp on the nose.
  • You can wear it by simply inserting the opened hoop into the nostril and keep twisting through the ring until the flat part rests on the inner part of the nostril.
  • The size of the nose hoop is 8mm, which looks perfect on different shapes and sizes of the nose. makes it feasible for piercing lovers to buy beautiful nose piercing jewelry at the best prices. If you have chosen this jewel piece, simply proceed to order now. Your ordered product will promptly reach your home door with easy payment methods.