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Every Pakistani girl is obsessed with the Jhumka earrings style, so girls want to have all designs of Jhumkas in their earring collection. Jhumka earrings are considered as the most traditional earrings, which can make women look gorgeous. Pakistani Jhumka earrings are the everlasting Jewelry that can be worn on any occasion. There are enormous designs of jhumka earrings online in Pakistan, which can add an extra pinch of grace in overall traditional look. Here, you can find the trendiest and different types of traditional earrings, which you can easily find and buy from the facility of Jhumka earrings online shopping in Pakistan.

  • Vintage Jhumka Earrings: Girls are obsessed with jhumkas so they also want to wear it on casual days. The Vintage style of jhumka earrings is perfect to compliment your casual look. Vintage or retro jhumka earrings are available in various designs and in various color combination. You can find the hoop earring jhumka, small sized antique jhumka, and more from the collection of women’s earrings, via jhumka earrings online shopping in Pakistan.
      Vintage Jhumka Earrings
  • Kundan Jhumka Earrings: Kundan Jhumka is the classy jhumka earring designs, available from jewelry online shopping in Pakistan. The beautiful detailing of jhumka is coupled with kundan stones, which enhance the grace of traditional style earrings. Kundan jhumka in Pakistan is perfect to be worn on weddings. Every woman wants to have the beautiful pair of jhumka in their earrings’ jewelry collection.

Kundan Jhumka Earrings

  • Gold Jhumka Earrings: Gold jhumka earrings seem traditional and graceful, so every girl must have the collection of gold jhumkas. You can find the gold jhumka in different sizes, styles, length, and designs from jewelry online shop. For instance, hoop jhumka earring, tassels jhumka earring, bridal jhumka earrings, etc. The elegant detaining on jhumka and tassels make the gold jhumka gorgeous for any occasion. Young girls or women love to have multiple jhumkas for getting the Pakistani traditional look.

Gold Jhumka Earrings

  • Silver Jhumka Earrings: Silver Jhumka earrings can be worn casually for ultimate Pakistani look. Girls always have number of silver jhumka or chandii jhumka, which they can wear with their Pakistani outfit. The amazing collection of jhumka earrings is providing the beautiful designs of jhumkas for young girls and women in Pakistan. Hoop silver jhumka, Kashmiri silver jhumka, bareli jhumka, etc. can easily buy via availing the facility of shopping jhumka earrings online in Pakistan.

Silver Jhumka Earrings

  • Pakistani jhumka Earrings: Pakistani jhumkas are decorated with stones, pearls, kundan, etc. The detailing on jhumka is paired with the stones for giving them the fancy look. The long jhumka style, big jhumka style, triple jhumka style and other are found in this category. You can get the most graceful jhumkas in traditional styles from imported jewelry online shop. The various colors of stones and tassels may also incorporate in design, which you can buy from jhumka earrings online shopping in Pakistan.

Pakistani jhumka Earrings

  • Hoop Jhumka Earrings: If you are looking for the traditional Pakistani look of hoop earing then you must buy the elegant pair of hoop jhumka earrings. Hoop jhumka actually contains a jhumka, which is hanging in that hoop. The hoop may decorate with pearls. The jhumka also contains beautiful detailing with stones or pearl on it. Most of the girls love to wear the style statement hoop jhumka casually on traditional Pakistani dresses. You can find the variety of hoop earrings design from jhumka online shopping in Pakistan.

Hoop Jhumka Earrings

  • Big Jhumka Earrings: Big Jhumka style becomes the new and classy trend of jhumka earrings among young girls. The multiple layer of jhumkas may also infused in design. The delicate detailing on each jhumka seems so elegant and stylish that it can enhance your overall traditional look. It would be the best jewelry for getting more graceful look on any occasion. You can find the hottest range of such big and multi layered jhumkas from shopping earrings for women online in Pakistan

Big Jhumka Earrings

  • Tassel Jhumka Earrings: Tassel Jhumka Earrings are the fashionable jhumka style, which makes the girl looks stylish and chic. It is usually preferred to be worn on formal functions, parties, weddings, and any other such occasions. The long tassels are embedded on jhumka. The jhumka of each side may also ornamented with rhinestone, zircon, kundan, pearls, etc. You can find the various colors in tassels jhumka styles from the facility of jhumka shopping online in Pakistan.

Tassel Jhumka Earrings

  • Kashmiri Jhumka Earrings: Kashimiri jhumka earrings contain the long chain dangling jhumka. You can wear the jhumka in two ways, by tugging the dangling chain on hairs or by keeping the chain behind the ear. The tribal and traditional look of Kashmiri jhumka earrings makes you look gorgeous in any occasion. They are available in vintage looks, fancy jhumka style, golden jhumka style, and wedding jhumka style.

Kashmiri Jhumka Earrings

  • Pearl Jhumka Earrings: Some girls love the pearl embedded jewelries, so they also prefer the pearl jhumka styles. White pearls may hang on the jhumka or they may fixed on detailing of jhumka. The pearls within the detailing seem so mesmerizing for ultimate traditional fancy look. You can get the amazing collection of pearl jhumka earrings in various sizes, from Amazon or Aliexpress jhumkas online shopping in Pakistan.

Pearl Jhumka Earrings

  • Long Jhumka Earring: Every girl wants to have the classiest collection of earing, in which long chain jhumka dangling earrings must also be available. It comes in retro and vintage styles that can be worn on casual dressing. It makes the women look more gorgeous and feminine in any ordinary outfit too. The length of long jhumkas may vary with the styles.

Long Jhumka Earring

  • Wedding jhumka earrings: Wedding Jhumkas are beautifuly ornamented with stones, zircons, and pearls. They come in small and big designs, which any women can wear on wedding functions. The gold jhumka earrings are highly available in the imported and high quality jhumkas for women collection. Exploration of jhumka for women in Pakistan amazes you with the variety of earrings.

Wedding jhumka earrings

Where to buy Jhumka for women in Pakistan:

The earrings jewelry online shop is providing you the ultimate platform to buy beautiful jhumkas for any occasion. You can easily explore the inventory of high-quality silver and gold jhumka, online in Pakistan. By hitting order now, you can buy it at reasonable price, from jhumka online shopping in Pakistan.

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